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Games with enhancements for 1040STFM owners? (or 1mb 520STFMs)


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Somebody was talking about Star Wars by Domark having more samples if used with a 1mb ST which I think I heard back then, also IIRC there was more samples for Gauntlet 2 if you had 1mb but not sure now. Is there a list of STFM games that are enhanced if the extra RAM is detected on boot-up?


I never had anything other than my 520STM + SF354 set up back then so although I had the games I never could have seen a difference. 

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Hmmm forgot about the sampled sound aspect. I think Starglider 1 is another and Gauntlet II had a much longer intro sample with a 1040, plus IIRC you got more in game samples on Gauntlet II if you had a 1mb ST.


What about games that had less disk swaps if you had 1mb? This was a thing on the A500, a little image of a trapdoor RAM exp would pop up indicating the game would use the extra 512k found and buffer more data for less disk swapping.

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