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馃幎 2023 路 Krystone Online Music Compo for Atari 8-bit 路 Listen, Comment and Vote 馃幎


Which song do you like most?聽聽

45 members have voted

  1. 1. Which song do you like most?

    • Black Bouncy Blob
    • Fallen Hard
    • Nuclear Sign
    • Pokey Atmosphere
    • Tune 179
    • Unexpectedly Short

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2023 Krystone Online Music Compo for Atari 8-bit Computers


We have 6 entries for you to judge today. All presented tracks are 4-channel mono and were recorded from a real Atari 65XE (PAL) along with the noise and harmonics.

馃幎 Black Bouncy Blob

馃幎 Fallen Hard

馃幎 Nuclear Sign

馃幎 Pokey Atmosphere

馃幎 Tune 179

馃幎 Unexpectedly Short

To keep things simple: YouTube is where you listen聽to the tracks. And, here is where you vote.

The video is 4K 50 FPS. If you can, en-joy on a large screen. The names of musicians will be revealed after the voting has completed. It is very likely that Atari Music Disc (.atr file) will be created with all the songs and made available for download with graphics and extras, so check back! Thank you and until next time. Feel free to share, comment, like, discuss, and most certainly vote for your favorite. Be fair, act fair. Feed YouTube algorithms if you care (I do). If you have any technical questions, you can ask here. Your engagement keeps this post alive and allows for a greater number of votes to be cast. The greater the number of votes, the fairer the results, thereby providing more gratification to the creators. The following prizes will be awarded to the musicians: 150 鈧 and something tangible (to be mailed to and perhaps revealed by the winner), 100 鈧, and 50 鈧. However, it is important to know that, as far as I can tell, they didn't do this for monetary compensation. A big thank you to all participating musicians for giving this compo a chance.



December 2023

This thread is a continuation of:

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Awesome! 聽Good luck to everyone!

minor comment - the song I submitted seems to be playing at a slower tempo in the video than what I submitted. 聽I tend to do all my songs NTSC (I鈥檓 in the US), so it is slower if converted to PAL. No worries, I appreciate the inclusion!!

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2023 Krystone Online Music Compo

Mega congratulations to @rdefabri聽because you have won the compo! Hence "Fallen Hard" is #1 despite the fact that you meant it to be played on NTSC timing, but it was played on PAL and likely it will continue to be played in this format in the upcoming Music Disk due to a fact that now people know this tune like this. Congratulations to @Poison聽and @Buddy聽as you both take second place ex aequowith "Nuclear Sign" and "Unexpectedly Short". Finally, congratulations to Buddy for "Pokey Atmosphere" as it takes spot #3. Big thank you to all participants for the effort and for not being shy and for willing to give this compo a try.

The results:

  1. 馃幎 Fallen Hard
  2. 馃幎 Nuclear Sign (ex aequo with...)聽馃幎Unexpectedly Short
  3. 馃幎 Pokey Atmosphere
  4. 馃幎 Black Bouncy Blob
  5. 馃幎 Tune 179

The dilemma: If it weren't for Buddy's two submissions this compo would have never happened. I was only supposed to choose one of his songs, but then we'd only have 5 entries, and as originally stated here, the compo would not take place. Since this is the first time in my life that I've organized a compo like this, I've not thought it through very carefully, and didn't predict a situation were two entries would take second place (I really wanted to use the polling option in the thread). My proposal is to keep聽"Nuclear Sign" and "Unexpectedly Short" as #2 and split the monetary prize between the participants. If there are objections to this, please let me know right away. I really want to be fair.

Overall, I think this came out quite satisfying. Anyone I've talked to said that the聽entries聽were at a very high level. I was at Silly Venture 2023 Winter Edition, and many people expressed the same opinion. I agree with that.

Feel free to comment! It is now OK to disclose artist聽names by me or anyone. I will update this soon, but maybe you could play a guessing game first. Greetings, Krystone

PS. Be sure to visit https://krystone.pl聽to see what else I might be up to and for links to an upcoming music disk (working name: Apokeylipse)

2023 KOMC Results V2A.jpg

Edited by Krystone
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2023 Krystone Online Music Compo

Announcement of the composers' names

  1. 馃幎 "Fallen Hard" by rdefabri聽路 @rdefabri
  2. 馃幎 "Nuclear Sign" by Poison 路 @Poison, ex aequo with 馃幎 "Unexpectedly Short" by Buddy聽路聽@Buddy
  3. 馃幎 "Pokey Atmosphere" by Buddy聽路聽@Buddy
  4. 馃幎 "Black Bouncy Blob" by PG 路 @pseudografx
  5. 馃幎 "Tune 179" by 91SNESplayer聽路 @91SNESplayer

Music disk coming soon!

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49 minutes ago, mono said:

Could you consider future compo where rating vote is possible?

Yes. It seems I am getting a lot of feedback so chances for the next compo are high. This was my first time, and I agree, voting could have been done in a smarter way. Your feedback is valuable and will be considered.

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1 hour ago, mono said:

Congratulation for the winners! I voted Buddy's "Unexpectedly Short" however, and was in big trouble if choose this one or "Pokey Atmosphere". Could you consider future compo where rating vote is possible?

Thanks a lot for all this music and for compo!

That is a good idea for voting if there are future compos.

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9 minutes ago, xxl said:

"Black Bouncy Blob" and "Nuclear Sign" deserve special mentions... in my opinion, these two songs stood out significantly above the others.

For me it was close between Black Bouncy Blob(had to read that title a few times as I thought it was referencing Bounty Bob) and Fallen Hard.

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36 minutes ago, xxl said:

"Black Bouncy Blob" and "Nuclear Sign" deserve special mentions... in my opinion, these two songs stood out significantly above the others.

Each one of us has appreciation for this work in one way or another. Tastes are subjective. There are no losers in this compo. Everyone is a winner and everyone has received my thank you! 1... 2... 3... is just formality, especially given the polling/voting restrains. Again, thank you all!

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Hello Krystone

Sorry for the nitpicking, but if two entries finish ex aequo, the next lower number isn't used. 聽In this case there would be no number 3 and Pokey Atmosphere would be number 4, Black Bouncy Blob would be number 5, etc.

And if Pokey Atmosphere would have received as many votes as both numbers 2, Black Bouncy Blob would still only be number 5 in the ranking.



PS nice compo. 聽And congratulations to all contestants.

Edited by Mathy
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I've decided that there wouldn't be number 6... The last place is number 5...聽The Latin phrase "ex aequo" translates to "equally" or "on equal terms" in English. Maybe I don't understand something here, but to me it looks ok. But, like I said, it is my first compo. All 4 entries occupying slots 1, 2 and 3 were awarded prizes.

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I'd like to begin by noting that the participants consented to this ranking method and received prizes accordingly. I've communicated with each of them. Given the spontaneous nature of this event, we didn't establish formal rules, and I lacked prior experience in organizing such competitions. However, after some research, I found that skipping the next rank is a common practice, though it's not the only approach. At least two methods exist:

Skipping the Next Rank: In many cases, if two competitors finish ex aequo for a position, the next rank is skipped. For example, if two participants tie for first place, the next participant is often ranked third, not second. This is common in sporting events and other competitions.

Equal Ranking: Sometimes, the following positions are not skipped, and the next competitor is given the next sequential rank. In this scenario, if two participants tie for first place, the next participant might still be considered second. This approach is less common but can be observed in some academic or professional contexts.

Anyway, no losers, only winners! I am not trying to argue here, I am just sharing what I've found out. Thank you, and I've started working on the music disk 馃檪

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