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A potential problem with hot swapping is the edge connector isn't really designed for that use.  As a result, sucess or failure when inserting a cart may depend on the 'technique' of the person doing the hot swapping.  


For example: Are they too slow with their insertion, causing the 2600+ to start dumping the cart before the contacts have settled?  Are they not removing their hand from the cart immediately after insertion, leading to the cart not making even contact with the edge connector when dumping begins?  Do they tend to readjust the cart after insertion, or leave it alone?

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@Mockduck Same here. So far in what I've tried, sometimes hot-swapping works fine, other times it doesn't and then requires flipping the power switch off then on.

My preference is to not do hot-swapping but rather do it the 'old way' of having the power switch set to Off, insert a cartridge then flip power switch to On. Seems to work good and consistent for me compared to the hot-swapping.

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