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TIA Tracker Module - My track works with the example source, but not in my game.


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I followed all of the instructions here, but still can't get the TIA Tracker Module to work in my game. It compiles, but the emulator throws a Fatal Error : Invalid Instruction.


I'm pretty sure I've got the track exported and the variables modified correctly, because my tune will play when I use my track folder with the example code.


So I'm wondering if there are some other requirements that I'm unaware of.

My game uses the standard kernel and sets the rom size to 16k. The example code uses the DPC+ kernel with smartbranching on and some other settings.


Additionally, I'm using the Title Screen kernel in bank 2, so I have the TIA Tracker include in bank 3. 


I suspect it has something to do with banks, since I don't yet fully grasp that concept.


If anyone is willing to help, I'm happy to send my source code.

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I never used that, so maybe somebody else will pop up to help. Looks complicated. For example, "remove the Permanent and Temporary variables from the file (otherwise you will receive a compilation error). Note: This will need to be done each time you export your data."


I'm a point and click/plug and play type of person. I don't like jumping through 20 flaming hoops to make things work. I just want it to work.

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43 minutes ago, Random Terrain said:

Looks complicated.

Hey RT! It certainly requires a lot of steps. Lot's of opportunities to make a mistake.


46 minutes ago, Random Terrain said:

I'm a point and click/plug and play type of person. I don't like jumping through 20 flaming hoops to make things work. I just want it to work.

Me too! There's nothing like that available, yet.

It would be nice if TIA TRACKER would export instruments as data and songs as sdata, so that the output could be used with the methods shown in your example programs.



With the help of ChatGPT, I was able to create a tool for converting .tti and .ttp files into a data format. Next, I'm going to try to convert a TIATracker song file into sdata.


I've heard the TIA generate some exceptional tunes. Unfortunately, the process is so cumbersome that it can be a major deterrent for developers.


I think music enhances the entire gaming experience and would like to figure out a method that's as easy as plug and play.

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