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Search for D2 diode replacement


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I search a replacement for D2 diode in 3do FZ1

Its "DED5P4JZE2-D", i donc find any Doc for this. And on 3do schematic Doc sometime it IS called thrusty diode, sometime its thyristor diode.


I am sure this one IS defective because I have Switch with other 3do unit and it work perfectly with a New one. So i need compatible component.


Any help IS welcome.

Thanks by advance






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This is the modern equivalent you need https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/littelfuse-inc/S4008DS2RP/409640


I compiled a list of components which act as modern equivalents for some of the PSU components which are now end of life. I haven’t included the electrolytic capacitors as they can be purchased via console5. I do recommend replacing C35 and C36 as standard on FZ-1.



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