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(MAME) Winter Yolympics 2024


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It's time for Winter Yolympics 2024❄️
Registration - https://www.cagtournaments.com/WinterYolo24
Nominations - https://forms.gle/PN3ufMGgnf1XahXg6
Ban List - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u175ba2KP-9oAELlYpF6AG2J-KHzIdpypy4bPlJd4JI
Nominations Start: 14 Dec
Nominations End: 04 Jan
Voting Phase 1: 04 Jan - 11 Jan
Voting Phase 2: 11 Jan - 18 Jan
Player Registration End: 18 Jan
Draft: 19 Jan ~ 24 Jan
Game Reveal: Approx 24 Jan
Tournament Start: 27 Jan @ 23:00 UTC
Tournament End: 02 Mar @ 23:59 UTC
Yolympics is a multi-game, team-based, online MAME/Arcade high score competition. Players will compete on many games during the event, and their rank will be measured by their performance across the multiple titles in competition. This is a team-based event, meaning the team with the best overall performance will win. Within each team, their top N scores for each game will earn leaderboard points.
Winter Yolympics 2024 will feature 20 games:
-- Four games with the most votes from each of four categories based on release year (16)
-- Four games with the most votes from a Wildcard category (4)

The year-based categories will use a ban list that includes games from ALL past Yolympics events.
The Wildcard category will use a ban list that includes games from the past FOUR Yolympics events.
Adjucation: MAME INP or Video Link
MAME Versions Accepted: WolfMAME 0.183, 0.261
No Sandbagging: Scores must be submitted within 24 hours of play.

There are many arcade games that effectively require long periods of button mashing - often for the full duration of play.
For some games, such as Track & Field, mashing is a primary measure of skill. For other games, such as many shmups, it is not.
Due to the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury involved in this hobby of leisure, Yolympics has adopted a balanced approach to autofire.

Autofire is generally not allowed, but may be permitted at the organizer's discretion on a per-game basis, following the below guidelines:
1. Skilled play involves button mashing for a substantial portion of the game.
2. Button mashing is not a primary measure of skill for the game.
3. The use of autofire does not trivialize the game.

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