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Bally Astrocade Image Works Version 1.0 Release


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Attached for your use is an image converter for the Bally Astrocade.  It will take an input image (BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF) and resize it and color optimize it for use on a Bally Astrocade.  The Bally Astrocade displays 160x100 pixels using 4 colors out of a 256 color palette.  There are a myriad of features:

  • Full Windows GUI Based Application
  • Input Images of Any Resolution in BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF
  • Two Image Scaling Methods - Nearest Neighbor (sharp edges, cartoons) & Average (smooth, photos)
  • Grey Scale Filter
  • Diffusion Dither (Floyd-Steinburg) with Intensity Control
  • Bayer Dither (4x4 matrix) with Intensity Control
  • Custom k-Means Color Quantization using Bally Palette, first pass and refinement manual control
  • Random Optimized Palette Selection
  • Custom Color Picker to Manually Control Palette Selection
  • Scaled Input/Output Preview
  • Outputs an 8K BIN file ready for use in MAME emulator
  • Outputs a 64K BIN replicated file ready to burn to a 64K EEPROM for hardware use
  • Custom made input images included for testing


I am happy to implement other features for those interested.  I know I want to change the output code to pick a destination directory.  I want to add a drop down to choose the output type and to add a text based output of DB for image data and palette code.  






Pictures show:  User Interface, Color Picker, Hardware Output on CRT via RF with Astrocade, Direct picture of CRT






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