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APX Space War source code for you


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Here's the source code for Space War, published by APX, courtesy of the author Jay Jaeger! He is giving permission to use the source for non-commercial purposes.


Space War, based on the classic mainframe game, first appeared in the fall 1983 APX catalog. 


From his README (included in the .zip file):

Atari APX Spacewar

All files and directories Copyright 1981, 1982, 1983, 2023 Jay R. Jaeger
Permission is hereby given to use these materials for non-commercial purposes.


The individual files were extracted using a version of atr2unix-1.3.c, compiled using cygwin gcc.  I was not
comfortable sharing the .ATR images aside from the APX boot floppy, as they have the Atari or OS/A+ operating system on them.

The files in this directory comprise a version of "Spacewar" which I developed after reading an article in a magazine about the original, which ran on a Digital Equipment PDP-1.

There are serveral versions:

Version 0.0.2:  This corresponds to the directory SPACEWAR-SOURCE-VER-0.0-APX-#2-2-23-1983.  

Version 0.1.3:  This corresponds to the directory SPACEWAR-SOURCE-VER-0.1-APX-#3-3-29-1983

Version 0.2.4:  This corresponds to the directory SPACEWAR-SOURCE-VER-0.2-APX-6-9-1983
Version 0.2.4:  The ATR image of the APX diskette *probably* matches the above source.  APX wanted a cassette version,
                and there is a file here called DTOC.ASM that builds that.
Version 0.2.4:  Listing Jaeger_AtariAPX_Spacewar_V0R0_19830223 *probably* matches the above.

Version 1.0.?   This is a version of the program for the ANTIC graphics chip, and corresopnds to SPACEWAR-SOURCE-VER-ANTIC-1.0-10-14-84
                This version may not be complete - I don't see file SPACEWAR.MAC there, nor do I see SPWANTIC.MAC.  So probably best to
                ignore these files.  
Version 0.2.7   This is a version I built under OS/A+, and has both SPACEWAR.MAC and SPWANTIC.MAC.
                Corresponds to directory MAC1-SPACEWAR-SOURCES-OSSA+


My 2016 interview with Jay: http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-187-jay-jaeger-apx-space-war

Here's the APX catalog description of the game:

The galaxy can't live in peace until you've vanquished the enemy space ship that threatens to dominate your solar system. You maneuver around the sun, using gravitational waves to propel your rocket fighter into an advantageous position. But watch out, because the enemy lurks, waiting for you to become a prisoner of the sun's gravity and a sitting duck for his Mark II photon torpedoes. Can you survive?

This game is a modern adaptation of the arcade-style game developed in 1962, SPACE WAR. You pilot your fighter through the solar system with your ATARI Joystick Controller, using the flashing sun at the center of the screen to slingshot you through the galaxy and to avoid your opponent's torpedoes. The only way that your enemy can destroy your ship is by scoring a direct hit with their missiles. You fight back by using your joystick button to release return volleys. The sun has no destructive effect on the rockets.

The two players can vary the effect of the gravity, changing it from a pull to a push, and vary the perimeters so the rockets either wrap around or bounce off the edges. You can vary the speed of play, and set a score limit of 10 or 21 points, or no limit, or play in the practice mode.

APX-SpaceWar-Jaeger.zip Jaeger_AtariAPX_Spacewar_V0R0_19830223.pdf

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