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Question on file order on Harmony cart


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I received new Harmony cart for X-Mas. It is working great, except the file order is all out of whack. I know that the order the files are copied onto the SD card will be the order that
they are displayed in the Harmony menu, and I set up folders on the SD card in alphabetical order, then added roms to those folders, and they are in alphabetical order when viewed on a PC.

But when viewing n the Harmony Cart in my Atari, the folders are still in alphabetical order, but the files are all over the place inside those folders.

The two files I attached here show what I see on the PC versus what I see on the cart, just for  the letter 'D' as an example (but it is happening on all files in the letter folders)

Any thoughts?

Screenshot 2023-12-31 105753.jpg


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I managed to get the files in alpha order within each folder, and the folders are in orders as well, but when I turn on the console, the folders starts at 'R', and are alphabetically in order moving down, but the 'A' folder is on another screen.

at least the games are in order, and the folders are in order, even if they don't start at 'A'. I can find the games quicker now.

I'll mess around with it some more to see if I can get the folders to start on page 1 with 'A' now

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What I did was to take the folders from the Atari Nexus build, which are labled rom_2600, rom_2600h, rom_2600hb, rom_2600i, rom_2600s and rom_2600sc. I put those on the Harmony cart which at the main menu are displayed in order top to bottom. Then the games in alphabetical order within each folder. Of course the folders present original Atari 2600 games, hacks, homebrews, international, sears and supercharger games.

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The order is first by date/time added and secondly alphabetical.  What I do: get the files I want on the SD card, move them onto my PC, erase those files on the SD card that I just moved, then move them all back to the SD card.  Works like a charm!

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Tienes razón amigo, acabo de poner orden alfabético en una carpeta donde almaceno todos los homebrews que aparecían en el cartucho Harmony en desorden, solo como iba almacenando los archivos al ingresarlos a la mico SD, tu sugerencia por fin le puso orden y concierto a la larga lista de archivos .bin , muchas gracias!

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