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Nintendo Switch successor

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56 minutes ago, Tanooki said:

You know I want to add this for fun, it's related if you follow the mind games angle.  Late January my car was in an accident, totaled out mid this month.  A week ago now I got a new (actually new, since used costs nearly the same now due to supply) car, a 2024 Subaru Impreza.  I came off a Honda Civic, Accord before, and a mid 00s Jetta before that.  We looked into another civic and impreza.  The one thing the subaru was knocked for, sluggish performance in acceleration.  I'm used to the last few cars I drove, and well given the whiny YT comparisons from experts touting how great the car is but... comments, their bs isn't reality.  My civic was a grandma off the line, slow like an overheavy car for the engine bad like an old 2002 PT Cruiser I had acted since it was a teeny Neon on a heavy frame for it.  The new car takes off better than the accord even too, it's near or exceeding the Jetta 2.5 I had.  It takes little toe on the pedal to get up to 45 on the street off mine in moments, no fears of being rear-ended by some chump being personal about no one in front of them antics.  So I guess since it didn't have a turbo charger or race package, or the more sporty 2-4 doors subaru has they fantacized it chugs, it doesn't.  They perceived bs, me being fresh question it and perceive them as full of crap.  Kind of a round about to the video card e-peening bs about fps.  Guard what you care about you paid too much for because the 'lesser' 'cheaper' one can do it as well -- huh.

Yeah I run into this every time I'm shopping for a new car.   The car we're looking at is "sluggish acceleration", "too much road noise",  "there's better values to be found elsewhere in this class".   But when I look at competing cars there will be similar complaints, or they'll be prone to serious mechanical issues that are worse than "sluggish acceleration".    And sluggish compared to what?   Guys paid to compare cars of the same model year  against each other are going to notice that.  Me?  I'm comparing it to my previous car.   It's a commuter car, not something I'm going to be taking off-road or on the Autobahn.   So I don't need an insane 0-60 time,  just as long as it doesn't feel like it's struggling to accelerate, which they usually aren't as bad as the reviews make them sound.  



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@zzip Yup that about sums it up.  The nicest review I could find where it was on point, still whined about anemic sluggish acceleration and that is a patent lie.  The Impreza is what Subaru uses in rally circles, mine is base, but the sport and RS(rally sport) just add more fluff to the package and a turbo charger for the RS because rally.  Yet the core guts of it cross over all three.  While I don't trust the speedo, surely there's some governor on it, car displays a needle going up to 160 which I won't test barely over 1/2 that. :D  It maybe 'commuter' but how it takes off from 0, quietness on the road from noise/its own noise, etc feels more mid-grade, not luxury, but not like the civic which is very commuter.  I think it's just bias, feeling threatened, and mental gymnastics.

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On 1/1/2024 at 5:32 AM, dudeguy said:

Media outlets are saying that a successor to the Switch could be arriving as soon as September 2024.


Do you personally feel we need a new Nintendo console?


I barely scratched the surface with my Switch, as I am primarily a retro gamer and there haven't been very many games this generation that I felt I absolutely had to have. The online service didn't/doesn't appeal much to me as I already own a lot of the retro games offered on there and would prefer to play them on the original systems anyways.


The only reason I would go out of my way to play a Switch is because the Pro controller is more comfortable than any other console's controller that I own (I don't have a PS4, PS5, or Xboxes from those respective gens ) and I like the ability to play the Switch anywhere I want. The only downside I see with the Switch the D-pad which I've hated from the start. The analog sticks could've been a little bigger as well.


I hope that the next Nintendo console does not have a battery in it. These batteries do not last forever and I would hate to see the consoles being unplayable 30 years from now when they won't charge up.


What would you like to see in the next Nintendo console?

i think one of my friends said what it might, or should be best

"it will likely just be a Switch Pro, as in akin to a PS4 Pro or New 3DS, has upgraded specs and all that but still, a switch"

i mean i still consider the switch as a 9th gen Wii U successor and a kind of direct competitor to the PS5 and XBS, in a kind of Wii way, its not sold based on power but more on the "idea", i dont think nintendo will make a New System basically again, rather an Upgrade.

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