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Impossible Mission for Atari Lynx


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13 hours ago, davidcalgary29 said:

So the synthesized speech was ripped directly from the C64 version?

speech and gfx are from the javascript port that is online, that are ripped from the C64 game 😉. Code is mine, also resizing the gfx to half resolution is by me and it's a lot of work.


9 hours ago, 4ever2600 said:

Yeah why not?  Was the best version! ; )

I agree, but probably bacause it was the only version I played in my youth


8 hours ago, KidGameR186496 said:

Looks pretty darn good! It would be cool seeing this becoming a full-fledge port for the Lynx :D

I have other projects to complete, but despite this being a really time consuming work, all the code that isn't in the game is already in my head, so with a little patience this game will be completed.


The real problem is the legal issues in releasing an exact copy of a copyrighted game, refactoring the game maintaining the same feeling, like I did with starblader, is not possiblethis time . When the game will be complete I'll see if if it's possible to acquire rights for a phisical release on lynx like other people did for the remake on steam.  

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Here is a video showing the progresses of my remake:



All the rooms, the robots and the furniture are in place, now I have to add the robots movement and the pieces of the puzzle hidden in the forniture. Than I'll add the  rooms with the tones to align and the puzzle solving code.


In the title screen I added some animations and (for now only as a placeholder) a chipper conversion of the amiga mod tune "Action for you". Probably this will change in the future because I don't know if I will be able to get in touch with the composer to ask permission to use it, there is only an old email address from the 1994 in the file notes.


I'm trying to stay as close as possible to the original C64 game for the moment. feedbacks are welcome. 

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7 hours ago, ZylonBane said:

That guy's sprite has some seriously thick thighs. And his biceps are bigger than his head.

Yes, he spends most of his exitence making jumps in air and in the free time makes body building.  

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56 minutes ago, dropbean said:

Seeing how polished Xump 2 conversion turned out, I'm not worried about this project's future. :)

Thank you. But Xump2 graphics, after the first rough resizing of the images by me, was refined by a professional gfx artist.


When the game will be completed, I'll evaluate to ask someone to clean the sprites, or possibly to make new improved graphics (maybe with the option to play with the original one).


For the moment the priority is to complete the game engine. I found the javascript port is cheating, using a fixed set of images for the puzzle, while the original game creates dinamically new ones at every run using a set of mold images.


Now I'm writing the code to create literal (i.e. unpaked) sprites in memory starting from the set of mold images and the nine full punch cards. I think this game deserves a full port from the original C64 game.

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And here is the piece randomizer, press A to generate a new puzzle.


Every row shows the 4 pieces to be composed to have one of the 9 punchcards. To cheat the game, feel free to memorize all the possible combinations if you can 😁


I'm considering to add in the final game a training mode with only the puzzle and 30 minutes to solve it. 



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This week update:


Puzzle pieces random generation -> Done

Puzzle pieces random positioning in the forniture > Done

Password (Snooze Robots and Reset Platform) random placement in the forniture -> Done


image.png.6e6598c2163b1a928eef12d7a076f522.png image.png.0bcef708db6f3673095df311f123e652.png image.png.ea1165c0d28f383afd2d6083095067ab.png

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