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Diving in to asm after 52 years... Getting nervous now...

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Been playing games since I've been like 6.

Finally determined that it is time to start making an Atari 2600 game as a bucket list thing. 



Been playing around with 2 different training videos, mix of 8blit videos and a course on Udemy...

After a day or two, I am understanding the very basics.. backgrounds, playfields, sprite creation...

Now to start getting movement on the screen.  That seems to be the part that is making making me hesitate.


the materials I have for this are... okay.   But at first glance, we are just not clicking yet.  


I'm not a fan of book learning.. I like visuals, pictures, examples...  

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these were  useful for me 

Random Terrain's tutorials:





Spiceware's Collect Turorial


-  Steven Hugg Book



- asking a ton of questions on the programming forums and not worrying about looking stupid!


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