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Atari Classic Wireless Joystick on PC

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I apologize if this is the incorrect place to ask questions of this nature, but it was the forum I thought was best for posting my question.


I bought an Atari Classic Wireless Joystick to play various titles including Atari titles on my PC.  The webpage from Atari for the joystick states that it can be used with a PC.

Anyway, when I plugged in the joystick to charge, my PC recognized it.  Post charging, the instructions say to press the button with the Atari logo quickly in order to start the pairing process.  It also says the logo will appear lighted and blink for a short time period while you pair the joystick.
Unfortunately, my PC is not showing the joystick as a device I can connect while the light is blinking; so I have no way to pair the wireless classic joystick with my PC.


I'm assuming I must be doing something wrong, as the joystick is recognized when I plug it in to the PC to charge via USB.  All my other wireless devices show up, so I'm not sure what the problem could be other than something I'm doing myself incorrectly.

Does anyone know and can list for me the specific steps for what I must do in order to get the wireless classic joystick to show up on my PC to pair it?   Is there some extra driver I'm supposed to download or something?  (I've looked, but can't seem to find anything like that)

Thanks in advance.

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Prior to today, I've only ever used mine on my VCS. However, I followed the same basic instructions of holding the Fuji button until it started flashing rapidly. Then I clicked "Add device" in the Bluetooth & devices section of the Windows 11 settings app and I was able to pair the controller with my PC:



So, now we have to get onto some follow up questions.


1. What operating system are you using?

2. Are you sure your PC supports Bluetooth?

3. Have you successfully paired other Bluetooth devices to your PC?

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Thanks for replying.  I am running Windows 11 on a Ryzen 5950X.  My PC does support Bluetooth; my wireless mouse and wireless keyboard are synced up to my PC via Bluetooth.

I will say that my iPhone has difficulty pairing with my PC for some reason.  In the past I've noted that when drivers seem to get updates, then I will lose connectivity with it.
Perhaps I need to look into rolling back the driver I have that controls my Bluetooth.  The only thing I don't get is why my keyboard and mouse never have a problem, but my iPhone does.  I wouldn't doubt that whatever has caused the iPhone not to work could be the culprit to the problem with the joystick.  It's the inconsistency that I don't get.  

I will try that though, then I will report back and let you know if that worked.  At least I know you, and therefore people with the right computer specifications can get the joystick to work.



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Unfortunately, when it comes to Bluetooth, it all comes down to your motherboard. That's where the WIFI and Bluetooth adapter is. That can also make this sort of a problem harder to diagnose.


I've got a few computers with Windows 11 and built in WIFI and Bluetooth. One is an MSI gaming prebuilt tower that I bought a few years ago. Since it's made by MSI, it's got MSI components in it, which includes the motherboard. The Bluetooth has never worked correctly on that computer. (one of a few hardware issues that I've had with it) I can pair controllers with it (PS4, PS5, XBOX, etc.) and they'll pair, but they won't stay connected. I don't know what the issue is with it. It came with Windows 11 and I've even done a clean Win11 install on it and it always has that same issue, even with Windows default drivers. My newer gaming tower is one I built myself. It's got an ASUS motherboard in it, so it's got an ASUS WIFI/Bluetooth adapter. That's the computer I'm on now and the one you saw the controller connected to. It has no issues pairing with controllers and they stay connected until I shut it down or disconnect the controllers, or the batteries die. Anyway, that also has a clean Windows install and uses default drivers. And, lastly, I have an HP laptop with whatever OEM board and WIFI/Bluetooth adapter HP used in it, also with a clean Windows install (that's a big thing for me) and it works fine with controllers.


So, yeah, checking drivers is a first logical step. If that solves the problem, then that's an easy solution. If it doesn't, then the problem gets a lot more complicated.

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Well, I rolled back my Bluetooth driver, but that solution did not help.


I too am a HUGE proponent of working with clean Windows installations.  Upgrading always leaves artifacts and at the least will slow down your computer, and at the most cause things not to work altogether.  I am such a stickler about this that I started from scratch with that latest Windows 11 23H2 revision when it was just released a couple of months ago.  So, I started with the most up to date revision of Windows 11.

Being that my Bluetooth is inconsistent depending on device, I am very unsure what to do.  I think at this point it would be best to look on forums for the Motherboard to see if other people have the same issue; and if not, ask the people on whatever forum for advice on my situation.  

I have an excellent Motherboard for its generation (Gigabyte Aorus X570s Master), so it definitely should work well with all products out there.  

Failing it being some sort of driver issue, then I've got to believe there might be some sort of software I've installed that somehow created a problem with the Bluetooth's operation.  I kind of find that difficult to believe, but it is possible.  
For the record, I don't install sketchy software, and am pretty thorough about researching any company I install software from prior to putting any product of theirs on my computer.

So, I'm inclined to think it is some sort of weird situation with some aspect of my motherboard.  I will research this, and update this post just to let you (or anyone who reads this) know what the culprit is, and how to solve it.


Failing all else, I can format the computer and start from scratch again.  I'd hate to do that; but I will to see this joystick work.   I have purchased all the Atari releases in Steam going back some time.  I really want to experience playing them on this joystick!



And thank you again for writing me with your input, thoughts, and suggestions.   I really appreciate it.



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Bluetooth can be finicky on PC.   I have non Atari gamepads that work under USB but not under BT


Maybe try a broader google search for "gamepad won't pair under BT on PC",  instead of Atari specifically.  You might find something that helps.

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