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Raiding Rivers contest!


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Reboot was kind enough to release a free game called Raiding Rivers.

Let's celebrate this free release with a contest!

Post a screenshot of your high score in this thread.

The contest will run until 11:59pm Friday, January 20th.


Winners will get a River Raid patch:




You can check out  Raiding Rivers here and download it for free:


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Okay guys, last day. Get your scores in. The high scorer gets a patch and I am going to pick one random person to send a patch. All you have to do is submit a score with a photo!!!

The contest ends tonight at 11:59 pm.

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Lots of great scores everyone!

It looks like Madwindoman flew away with the top score! Amazing time!

Madwindoman - 1,136,802


Thank you, CJ for making such fun games! You help keep the magic going!

Also, thank everyone who played! I will send the winners a PM shortly to get your mailing addresses.


CJ has released another game: Rebooteroids - Caravan Edition.

I may have a few Rebooteroids Highscore patches left. Maybe another contest???



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27 minutes ago, Madwindoman said:

To the victor go the spoils!! Thank you Machine for the prize pack!! My regards to Colonel Moth



That is awesome. CJ did such a great job on this game. Glad you got the letter, patch, and decals. I hope you didn't click on the QR code. That was tossed in as a joke.  ;)

BTW, tell your dog he's a good boy!

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