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HSC21 - Welcome and Games List (*NEW SEASON* January 2024)

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Welcome and Games List


Welcome to the new season of the High Score Club :waving:


Join straight in as we have a Pre-Season round 0 already running. Post your favourite games here and I'll used them for polling for each round.

Usually rounds are 2 weeks starting on a Wednesday. Very informal here, good fun with a bunch of players of all abilities so no excuses for not joining in ;)


Any questions or technical problems please post and someone will help. Emulator users welcome. The Beginner's Guide has links and lots of info too.


Have a great 2024 everyone, hope to see some new players too ;)




p.s. If there's a particular game you'd like to see in the first poll let me know...

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For those who want to know approximately which games we played in 2023, and thus are less likely to be selected for 2024, here is a list that may contain errors:


Aquatron, Archon, Axis Assassin, Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee: Return of Fury
Caverns of Eris, Dawn Raider, Der Schränker 3, Donkey Kong Jr, Double
Eel Ecurb, Eliminator, Frogger II, Hard Hat Mack, Ixion
James Bond 007 (cart version), Joust, Jungle Boy, Jungle Hunt, Living Daylights, The
Maniac Miner, Manic Miner, Meteor Storm, Millipede, Moon Patrol Redux, Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, Ms. Pac-Man
Necromancer, Night Knight, O'Riley's Mine, Q-Bert
Repton, Rescue on Fractalus, Robotron 2084, Rockball, Sky Blazer, Time Wizard, Trailblazer
Warhawk, Wing Wars, Worms?, Zauberball '23, Zdendazuma II Main + data disks (Zdenda's Montezuma II)

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My revised list, with the games we actually played last year removed and a couple new random entries added. Since the world currently is all about war, my nomination for an early poll entry would be Operation Blood.


Operation Blood

Mad Stone
Joe Blade
Dimension X
Bug Attack
Misja / Fred
Questar IV


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We all list our favourites so here's a few of mine. The classic games will feature in the polls even if not listed here!


Pole Position

Arkanoid + Paddles games tourney (failed last season to do find time for this one)

Trolls and Tribulations

Whistler's Brother


Tank Commander

Beam Rider


Super Pac-Man


Donkey Kong

Galaxian / Galactic Chase

Dawn Raider

Tail of Beta Lyrae


Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

Zone X

Zone Ranger


My gems! :

Space Fortress Omega

Ramp Rage

Block on Legs:First Steps


Looking for some new stuff

What the heck is Flob - looks interesting and highly rated


The Last Squadron

Tine Pilot



and of course games not played in the HSC before

BLUE MAX 2001 ;)



Fire Chief



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Will start up the round 1 poll later today!

Have posted a thread on the main A8 forum, perhaps you guys will comment there later in the week to encourage a few more players https://forums.atariage.com/topic/359361-new-season-of-atari-8-bit-gaming-jan-2024-high-score-club/



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Great games littlemanjack and I pre selected Galaxian for the first poll for you :D


more from me:

The Americana games...



Beery Belly Burt

Nuclear Nick


Lunar Leaper



Diamond Mine (Roklan)



Beach Landing

Beach Head





GP Sim


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