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Running DeskMate3 on DosBox.


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Hi i have a few questions..


1.) Im trying to use the spreadsheet and when I go to save the file it says "out of disk space". 

2.) When I go into Calendar it says Invalid Drive. 

2a.) Also when i open the PDM file it says " Calendar File name must be "Personal.cal"  . then the program opens up but cant add anything or save anything to the calendar. 


What am i missing?  the top of the desk screen says c:\Tandy3 ( the folder i used to install the Tandy files in ) 


Im struggling learning how to use other OS formats in DosBox


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Do you have a batch file that sets the DMCONFIG variable? I don't think DESK.EXE can be run by itself. My copy of DM3 has a batch file called DM.BAT and that's what I use to run Deskmate. Here's how I think it would be configured in your case:



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Actually I'm having the disk space error myself, have not yet figured out a solution. FREESIZE does not fix it. This seems to affect versions up to 3.03. I can save fine in version 3.05, but that's the version with the annoying BEEP in Text whenever you make a typo, and I don't know how to shut it off.

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Update: I did figure out how to disable the beep in 3.05 - under F10, start up Spell checker by itself, go to Options and uncheck Auto proof. I'm going to have to stick with this version...I give up on being able to save files in earlier versions.

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In some Tandy computers -- the 1000 SL, for example -- the C: drive was actually ROM. It contained the DOS boot files and the Deskmate kernel. It was obviously not writable. 


I do not recall which version of Deskmate these machines used, but I wonder if 3.03 is configured to use something other than the C: drive to save files.   



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