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Premade FreHD SD Cards for Model 4 TRS-80 Games?

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Hi there,


I recently acquired a TRS-80 Model 4 that came with an externally connected FreHD with an SD card. In order to access the FreHD, I was provided with a boot disk which I need to run each time. I am wondering if anyone out there in the Tandy enthusiast world makes premade SD cards for people who just want to use the computers? I am mainly looking to use this to play all the old games I played when I was in gradeschool in the early 80s. The catalog of games for the TRS-80 is pretty small so I am looking to get a FreHD SD card that has all of the games for the system on it. For me at least the instructions look rather daunting on how to achieve this so I am hoping someone out there has already done it and would be willing to sell me a premade SD card that "just works" with the entire game library on it. Feel free to message me directly or respond. Hope someone can help. I would love to be able to show my kids the games I used to play when I was in my early teens but the process for making one of these cards seems a bit overwhelming to me. I have already put many hours into trying and I am getting really discouraged. I also see many FreHD videos where the unit boots to a menu but I don't have that. Mine just boots from a floppy into LS-DOS and then when I issue the Dir command I see about 7 virtual disks or partitions with lots of stuff on it but no games and when I tried to load them myself I was not successful. I also see that someone out there on YouTube has autobooted from a FreHD without the hardware modifications which I am also really interested in. Hope someone can help!

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