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FlowerPower (CC65 and TGI interactive graphics)

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I programmed an Atari Lynx binary called Flower Power which was published on atarigamer and last I looked had 1275 plays. I don't know how many downloads.

Anyway because you can target Atari 8bit with cc65 I did a quick port. I made a tune with RMT which I linked to the main program but could not get it to work correctly so it is silent.

I included it in the archive.


There are supposed to be 10 different scenes and different drawing algorithms but the sprite scenes are not implemented so there are 8 distinct scenes with a gap of 2 blank scenes in the middle. The scenes can easily be changed by using the joystick up and down. It is pretty basic as is but shows off what tgi graphics are like.


More could be added. I can think of a few things (curves, for examples or circles or drawto lines instead of just random lines).


dub speed cap'n but try it in Altirra with warp enabled!



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