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VCS running W11, looses connection to controller allot/randomly (Bluetooth)

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  Hello, I have my VCS setup with 16gb of ram and a 2tb internal drive running W11 thinned out.  I had a bunch of emulators on it and use an Xbox One (over bluetooth) controller but have issues with it maintaining the connection to the controller..  When it works it appears to be fine but it'll suddenly and randomly loose the connection, the controller flashes and it does repair and pick up but it does make using this thing simply not great.  I updated the controller on my other pc and it is current, I don't seem to have the problem with a paired WII controller but I haven't actually used it enough to tell for certain.  Anyway, I see a bunch of chatter on bios updates but I can't seem to find a manual way of doing it without going back to my emmc/atari OS, I'm hesitant on doing that as this was a little challenging when I upgraded it originally and it's just been sometime since then.

  Can anyone tell me if they've had this issue and what they did to make it go away?  

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