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HSC21 Round 1 POLL *> New Season Jan 2024 <*

Round 1, the choice is yours....  

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  1. 1. What game shall we start the season with?

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Welcome to Season 21 (2024) of the Atari 8-bit High Score Club here on Atariage :)


Below are the contenders for the Round 1 poll

Multi-pick as many as you like before voting, runner up games usually go through to the next poll and others may re-appear later!


The poll will end as soon as we have a clear winner or next weekend at the latest.


Everyone is welcome to play, all abilities even if it's just the odd go we'd love to have you join in here.


Any questions post or message me



Usually you can find the games on Fandal's site usaully XEX unless only suitable for ATR format



Instructions and ROMs etc on



or Atarionline.pl is another great site with many versions of each game



Beef Drop

fun platformer




Boulder Dash

The original and still the best apart from the 2nd one :D Has multiple start points, will be played for total levels compelted





HSC favourite, we may run tables for different skill levels so everyone can enjoy the game.




Henry's House

10 screen colourful platformer with nice animations. Bit easy for the pros.




Pole Position

Still the best racing game - we have the Marius version which makes the NTSC/PAL differences less - probably have a few race options to make it interesting.




Frogger (1982 John Harris Ver)

The 1981 Chuck Benton ver is also great. Will be played on both speed settings.





Great bat-n-baller - paddles or joystick supported. Terrible screenshot doesn't do it justice.




Super Pac-Man

Think fandal's version is the fixed one. Lots of fun busting through the doors and grabbing the bonuses.





Just edges it over the sklightly sanitised Galactic Chase but both games 10/10




and that's a wrap :D



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Ordered by last played for those who like to know that:


Arkanoid (Jan 2010)
Henry's House (May 2014)
Boulder Dash (Jan 2016, sequel March 2020)
Super Pac-Man (April 2020)
Frogger (March 2021)
Galaxian (April 2021)
Pole Position (May 2021)
Beef Drop (Aug-Sept 2021)
Joust (May 2023)

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22 minutes ago, McKong said:

Wasn't the Atari version of Arkanoid pretty average? Was there a newer, better, version done? Perhaps I'm thinking of a different game

I have actually never played the Atari Arkanoid but have heard others that talk about it a lot so may be decent.   Probably won't be as good as Break It that was released in the 2022 ABBUC contest.  Maybe could play both if Arkanoid wins in the poll.




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From a strategic point of view, it might be a good idea to start the season with some really popular game, but also sprinkle in a few of those showstoppers along the season to bring back participants who have dropped out in the mean time. Personally, I try to play almost anything but many others seem to be limited to a handful of their childhood favorites.

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PAD is really good as is Arkanoid just remembered fandal fixed the triple/multiball so it works now too. PAD is slighly let down by some screens having the gold bricks that are almost impossible to destroy again from memory.


I like all the classic games and really don't mind what we play but it's a balance of keeping people not being put off by games that are too difficult or too easy so we'll have the usual mixture of bonus games or double headers plus a couple of theme rounds / tourneys to keep it rocking :!:


OK I've voted! Will start the yearly process of manually emailing former players and other people I've seen posting on the games threads to see if we can get some more people interested and make it another fun season :)


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Wow it's been a while, nice to see this club is still going


I voted for Beef Drop, I'm not very good at Burgertime and I'd like to get some more practice on it

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54 minutes ago, 4Ks said:

Wow it's been a while, nice to see this club is still going


I voted for Beef Drop, I'm not very good at Burgertime and I'd like to get some more practice on it

Hey 4Ks :thumbsup:

Yes we're still kicking the tyres here on the Atari 8-bit :)

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1 hour ago, graywest said:

I got distracted from the high score club in 2023 by all the other things on my schedule, but I'm going to try to play again this year!

Great stuff graywest :thumbsup:

Your schedule is probably more exciting than mine but what is there that's better than the HSC I ask you all?!! [don't tell the girlfriend that I am paying even more Atari this year :D ]


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