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Retiring from Coleco gaming...


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Thinking about it a lot lately...


A few days ago I 'finally' tested 29(!) carts the have been setting on my desktop for 2+ years.  (they all did work - thx)

i.e. I don't play that much anymore... my reflexes SUCK!    How about a 65+ (kids?) option..?


I have purchased nearly all of the Opcode, Collectorvision & Pixelboy (and others...) carts for sale...



I do like following (seeing) the current threads....


IMHO - I do request that everyone keep a level mind.



WE ALL have different opinions.



Some have been driven away from here much to my dismay...

PLEASE welcome ALL...




MY BUCKET LIST...  (  :) - OK not going to die soon - I hope...)


   Grazi  (met Ed  2009)







Anyone going to attend the MWGC in 2024... ?


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Hey Jeff,

I was really saddened to hear about you leaving. I completely understand and feel similarly regarding modern gaming. With each new console generation, the allure diminishes a bit. It's the classics that always have that timeless charm, isn't it?

If gaming isn't bringing you joy anymore, I totally agree; there's no point in collecting just for the sake of it. Taking a break, exploring other interests, and maybe, just maybe, finding a renewed interest down the road could be the key.

Let's make a plan to catch up someday soon.

Take care,


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