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HSC21 Round 1: Super Pacman ** NEW SEASON JAN 2024 JOIN IN ! **

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Thanks for playing you guys :thumbsup: Super Pacman was a great game to start the season :party:

Congratulations to rdrunner for the win and for setting a new HSC record (HSC17 McKong 352,320) :thumbsup:

McKong and trbb in runner up spots...


The above sounds familiar but we value all players and your scores and I hope you will stick with us here for this season :)


Rather than the top players grabbing lots of extra points this season following on from the idea from Round 0 we will award extra picks for the polls so McKong gets 2 picks for the round 3 poll here :!:


Round 2 starts in a few minutes...


If anyone missed this round please post a late score and join right in on whatever round is active ;)



Super Pacman        
  Player   Score   Points
1st rdrunner   366,020   12
2nd McKong                 235,000   11
3rd therealbountybob   137,340   10
4th Deteacher   122,230   9
5th graywest   108,930   9
6th Brentarian   86,140   8
7th AtariSphinx   63,570   8
8th 4Ks   58,620   7
9th Atari8guy   49,810   7
10th MichaG   37,360   6
11th carlsson   36,950   6
12th Badwolf   27,190   5
13th Sikor   24,450   5
14th RedThunder   24,060   4
15th thank you   22,710   4
16th manterola   22,320   3
17th chevymad   17,910   3
18th jblenkle   15,610   2
19th Mark2008   9,870   2


  Stage 1  
  Player Score
1st McKong               18,860
2nd therealbountybob 16,660
5th Deteacher 14,460
3rd MichaG 8,260
4th AtariSphinx 7,210
6th thank you 6,860
7th Sikor 5,060
8th Atari8guy 4,660


  Stages 1&2  
  Player Score
1st McKong               36,830
2nd therealbountybob 31,430
3rd Deteacher 28,430
4th MichaG 14,730
5th thank you 11,180
6th AtariSphinx 9,980
7th Atari8guy 8,430
8th Sikor 7,580


  Stages 1,2 &3  
  Player Score
1st therealbountybob 57,300
2nd McKong               54,060
3rd Deteacher 44,510


  Stage 3 bonus    
  Player Score  
1st McKong 9,300  
2nd therealbountybob 8,800  


  First life Bonus  
  Player Score
1st McKong 104,950
2nd therealbountybob



If anyone missed this round please post a late score and join right in on whatever round is active ;)

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