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Is resetting the scoreboard common in Space Fortress?

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From about 3:30 to 3:45 today I was trying to rig together pin disconnector to try to get working a sadgirlsrecords.com 2600 controller to Bally machine adapter.  I originally tested it with a fight stick wired up to the Sega Genesis standard then pass through the Edladdin Seagull 78, then through the DB9 male to female adapter with a few pins removed (the five to seven and the nine according to standard numbering)..  I tried it on both ends and it failed.  Then I took a real 7800 controller put the pin cut adapter on the Atari end of the Sad Girl, plug it in like that and lo and behold the 7800 controller worked.


I said it for one player three ships intensity one and I rolled over the scoreboard.  At one point I noticed I had 60,000, and then suddenly it rolled over the next time I looked.  So provably at 64 X 1024 it rolled over because I was getting numbers ending in 4 and 9.


I twitchcast it (to zero people).  And I can have it saved on You Tube in my archives, abd possibly Twitch if I don't over use it.


If what I did was unprecidented (I don't know, you tell me, I had to shift hand positions many times in real time).  I debuted both a 7800 to Astrocade adapter and, depending on other's scores, did well in it.


And all the cameras were in 3d.  Stored as a 32x9 side by side proper ratio video, now i got some worthy test footage to test a live 3d/2d form converter.

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