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In case anyone still enjoys reading...

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...a few new articles have been added to my and Adam's Orphaned Computers & Game Systems website since the last time we posted about it.


We try to write about games that aren't mentioned very often. The most recent articles cover Obelix (Atari 2600), Grabit (Atari Eight-Bits), Airborne Ranger (Commodore 64) and Countermeasure (Atari 5200). There are also old arcade games, ColecoVision games, etc.


It's all free, by the way. We try to be both funny and informative. Let me know if we pull off that combination. We started the website in 2000, and it's actually based on a paper newsletter, same title, that was sent out from 1994 until it turned into the website. As cliche' as it might be to point this out, it's damn astonishing how fast time can go by!






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