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SVG fonts to 1020?

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Okay. I promise I will stop flooding 1020 threads after this one.


Yes, I am still trying to put my 1020 together. I have ordered new pens, new gears, a new SIO cable ... I'm determined.


One thing I want to be able to do is to print in multiple fonts. (Outline or single-line fonts, to save ink.) I discovered Kay Savetz's Renderific which renders SVG Tiny onto the 1020, so my thought was getting some compatible fonts, and being able to pump the letters through Kay's renderer ... am I overthinking this? Is this a dumb idea? What should I be thinking about instead? 

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SVGs are quite complex and likely contain curves.

Browse for "Hershey Fonts": They are composed only of straight lines and better reproducible on the 1020.

(AFAIR the TGI component of cc65 contains also the matching font renderer.)

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I don't know C. I'm generally working in FastBasic now. But it's probably doable. It's a nice project.

(Added) Okay, after looking, the Hershey fonts are 100% the way to go. Now just have to get their funny text-file style and parse them. Should be fun.

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