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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 19_ROUND 1 - Aircars ICD and Downfall+

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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 19_ROUND 1 - Aircars ICD and Downfall+


(Round Over Midnight, 2/29/2024) ROUND COMPLETE


AirCars Details - LaunchBox Games Database   image.png.1e23448e2c4521c9b86634d7b74c22d2.png






**Please write text of score in your post, so I can copy during updates. Thank you!**


Aircars ICD and Downfall+


Start a game of Aircars ICD in Default Mission mode, record score at the games conclusion.


Start a game of Downfall on default settings, post your highest scores.


If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 




Link to manuals:


Aircars ICD: https://atariage.com/manual_thumbs.php?SoftwareLabelID=1059


Rebooted: Controls: Move right or left.  Boots allow you to jump, Jetpack to hover, parachute to fall more slowly. Eat fruit for bonus points.



High Score Records:


AirCars: High scores: KevinCal - 30,100 (Link)


Downfall+: 107,284 (machine)



Aircars ICD Scores:


1. Rick Dangerous        71,900   +10

2. jeremiahjt                11,500   +8

3. MichaG                      7,600   +6

4. masematte                4,600    +4

5. doctorclu                   3,600    +2







Downfall+ Scores:


1. Rick Dangerous         31,769   +10

2. masematte               23,598   +8

3. MichaG                     11,939   +6

4. LianneJaguar64         12,136   +4

5. doctorclu                    3,828   +2







Downfall Scores:


1. jblenkle                           7,978    +6

2. LianneJaguar64                6,746    +4

3. doctorclu                         1,894    +2




The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Rick Dangerous                  20

2. masematte                        12

2. MichaG                             12

3. jeremiahjt                           8

3. LianneJaguar64                   8

4. doctorclu                            6

4. jblenkle                              6






*Any corrections please post*

Edited by Rick Dangerous
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18 hours ago, LianneJaguar64 said:

And is regular Downfall acceptable, or does it have to be Downfall+ specifically? I don't own the plus version, never played so dont know the difference. If it is fine I managed to get 6,746 

Scoring is different so unfortunately not :(

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On 2/16/2024 at 6:56 PM, Rick Dangerous said:

Downfall+ is on the Rebooted compilation which is in the AA store.  I'll do a side scoring with 1/2 points for regular downfall if you want to play that! :) 


Yes, the original Aircars published by ICD, you would know if you had the 94' or K-A versions. 

Thanks very much, appreciated for a pauper like me haha

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On 2/23/2024 at 2:27 PM, CyranoJ said:

Downfall: OG+ is now available as a digital download on my patreon page for those wishing to compete without purchasing a full copy of reBOOTed.

Thank you, great deal! 


So mission 1a: 7,600 points 😴

Downfall OG: 11,939 points and much fun ;-) 



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Had this score days ago but forgot to post; 31,769, a personal best for me for any iteration of downfall. 


If anyone can beat this over the weekend I'll make an exception and update scores since I got this in last minute. 


Edited by Rick Dangerous
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