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Shock - Technical Achievement - BS F-Zero 2 recreated, released (patch to F-Zero US/JP/EU)

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I'll leave this here if you have a care and slight patience, watch this:

If not, just understand that a mix of multiple talents and developed technology, along with a fairly recent VHS grainy drop of footage of every single lost stage was recovered.  That footage, some special tools that can frame by frame match and recreate full game structures (born from a SMB tool seen in the video) allowed the team to come together, remap every single stage, fill in the blanks in the backgrounds/art where needed, and well in the end  you have F-Zero Deluxe.  This has the full original game, BS1 and the lost BS2 all in here along with both sets of cars to use.  This is as much as the world will ever get to having the real BS F-Zero 2 since unlike 1 it was never recovered.



Patch link: https://archive.org/details/bs_f-zero_deluxe_v1.0

Use this link to patch it: https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/

Use the US/JP/EU original F-Zero release to do it.

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Until by some miracle the original BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 ROM appears somehow, this is the closet thing we'll have to the Game.


But holy hell what an amazing and herculean effort by the team! This is easily up there with the Neo Geo recreatation of The Eye of Typhoon as one of the coolest recreation efforts of a lost game.


I tip My hat to the team with this patch! I already gave it a try the day it came out and it's amazing. It sucks that Nintendo never released the Satellaview tracks as either a SNES cartridge back in the day or in F-Zero 99. I would've played it in a heartbeat but this excelente recreation will suffice for the time being :D

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That is why I posted this.  I don't sit through a lot of fluff piece videos, but this one caught me off guard catching it the day the patch was posted and damn... the detailing of the work involved, the back history, unintended projects that lead to a weird bastardized melding of efforts to concoct a virtually perfect recreation of the meat of the game, the courses down to the smallest detail, the added cars (thankfully still from BS1) and then appending it into a super master F-Zero deluxe package so you can run every course ever made within one doubly expanded rom.  The only 'loss' now is the BS screens, original title, and I doubt anything much else outside of the recordings as far as the actual "IT" of what makes up what that game was and now is once more.  This is totally on par with Typhoon if not exceeds that given.

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A pretty fascinating back story to this project and I'm glad they got to the end successfully. Gonna have to download that patch and give it a go sometime. I always though the Satellaview vehicles looked a bit funky and off for F-Zero. A bit too boxy for racers going over 400 km/h but maybe it's just a matter of familiarity towards the original designs.


One thing that was surprising for me was the mention of CD-quality music aired alongside the original broadcasts. You of course can't recreate those on the SNES but it would have been nice to know more than just an offhand comment. I went and searched for the broadcasts saved by kukun kun and they can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDJ4e492luVzZd8G9ioHP-fWxO17UT2Rz 


Some tracks are clearly ripped straight out of the Nintendo Super Famicom Game Music CD but others like Death Wind or White Land are unknown to me. Pretty interesting remixes there but it's hard to listen through all the chatter and engine noise. Couldn't find much info about them online. The commentary is pretty funny with constant engrish phrases thrown about constantly. "Let's have a nice party!"

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