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Side car enhancements


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Well I'm about 2/3rds of the way through, building the side car ti994a-rom-grom-ram-and-floppy-emulator device mentioned here https://www.kernelcrash.com/blog/the-ti-99-4a/ and the github is here https://github.com/kernelcrash/ti994a-rom-grom-ram-and-floppy-emulator.

 I'm showing a photo of it next to @JasonACT's Pi Pico[W] Peripheral Expansion Box Side Port Device for comparison. TI still have to run data and address wires and signal wires. The total in money spent on this was about 25.00 in material and shipping since I already had wire and switches and some of the headers. This is about the cheapest one could go on an all in one mini peripherial expansion and it probably can be upgraded some, the programming that will reside in it soon only gives it 32k, rom,grom, and disk emulation, but I believe the STM32 dev board can do a lot more of course.




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