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Moving a ball respecting collision with the Playfield


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I'm setting up a labyrinth where the player (ball) must travel through a labyrinth, respecting the Playfield limit.


It is working, however, when it touches the Playfield, it stops when it should actually slide against the Playfield. 😔


Attached is the full source code, just put it in Batari and run it to identify what I said.


Could anyone give me an idea of how to change the source code to make the BALL slide on the playfield?


Below is a brief explanation of the code:

Depending on the movement of the Joystick, I will move the Ball to the desired destination and put 1 in a variable that moved to that side (for example, if it went DOWN, then d = 1). Then I will test the collision of the BALL with the PLAYFIELD, if it is true, I see which variable has the value 1 and return the BALL to the previous position.



 if collision(playfield,ball) && d = 1 then bally = bally - 1: d = 0
 if collision(playfield,ball) && r = 1 then ballx = ballx - 1: r = 0
 if collision(playfield,ball) && l = 1 then ballx = ballx + 1: l = 0
 if collision(playfield,ball) && u = 1 then bally = bally + 1: u = 0

 if joy0down  then bally = bally + 1: d = 1
 if joy0right then ballx = ballx + 1: r = 1
 if joy0left  then ballx = ballx - 1: l = 1
 if joy0up    then bally = bally - 1: u = 1


 goto loop




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4 hours ago, Random Terrain said:

Remember that you can do just one "collision(playfield,ball)" check to save cycles.


Something like if !collision(playfield,ball) then goto _Skip_Collision_PF_Ball" then have your other checks sandwiched in there.

Hi Random Terrain,


Thank you very much for your tip. I did not know that.


I discovered that the collision does not change the value in the same cycle (frame) only when I started the Debug on Adventure on Stella emulator.


I appreciate your help!


Best Regards.

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