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How do I turn the graphics screen boarder off in Extended Color BASIC?


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I've been taking an online class, and since everyone else has set up their little backgrounds, I decided to put some of my vintage computers in mine running some looping BASIC programs on a green phosphor CRT. Obviously, since the classes run for a few hours, I don't want anything too static (screen burn, also boring), so I "translated" a little dancing line program the 8-Bit Guy had in one of his videos for several of my computers, including The CoCo in extended BASIC. However, the graphics screen has a green border which will be problematic, and I was wondering if there was a command that could turn that off (or at least make it black).


OK. There's also a screensaver mode that needs to be turned off too.

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There is no way to completely turn-off the screen border. It may be possible to switch it to the same colour as the screen background; have you tried a different graphics mode? It's been a really long time, but, if memory serves, PMODE 4 has two options: black and white and black and green.  


The Coco does not include a screensaver mode; that may be a function of the monitor.  

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Is your Coco a 1 or 2?  Supposedly in the Coco 2 there is an enhanced VDG chip that will allow you to change the border color.





The final significant change in the life of the CoCo 2 was made for the models 26-3134B, 26-3136B, and 26-3127B (16K standard, 16K extended, and 64K extended respectively). Internally this model was redesigned to use the enhanced VDG, the MC6847T1. This enhanced VDG allowed the use of lower case characters and the ability to change the text screen border color. However, for compatibility reasons neither of these features were used and are not enabled in BASIC.

Maybe you can use poke to change the color?  It doesn't mention anything about the graphics modes and it may take a Coco 3 to be able to change the border color?

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9 hours ago, MrDave said:

Register ff22 can be poked to widen the screen or swap colorsets

If you are using a coco3 the a palette command or poke to FFbX will change the color

How exactly would I do that?


Also, this is a Coco 1, but I also have a Coco 2 as well.

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