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Steamboat vs Red Button


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And a steamboat variant under attack, which will have its development separate from this.
I loved this term mentioned by James here on the forum recently in the Gemintronic game Dragon Chalice Mini. I had a good laugh because it reminded me of Disney's Loki series with variants of the trickster god.

I will try to explain more or less what the game is, you controlling the steamboat must avoid shoot the biplane, by doing this your score will decrease, unlike if you shoot the Atari's red button, yes the iconic red button is the opponent (and ironic because you are just justing the real red button on the Atari controller to hit it), your score will increase, in ascending order.
Basically it's an addition and subtraction game.
To increase the level of difficulty a little through the keys on the right side A or B you choose whether you want the big or small red button, the big  one will give less and will be an easy target, the small button will gain more points, however it is more difficult target him.
The game has an extra charm, you can choose a color palette in two different flavors using the color and black and white key.



I'm not going to declare it as the final version yet because there are still some small adjustments to be made, such as the score in descending order that goes below zero to 999,999 points, lowering successively if you want, only hitting the biplane.
I still have 1472 bytes of ROM available.

I would love to see a cartoonish label art for this game. Would any graphic artist be available to do this art?


There is an interesting feature that there is no need to implement the pause function. If you need to "pause" the game to answer a call, bell, the postman, have a coffee, go to the bathroom or other purposes in our daily routine, in short, just position your steamboat in the centralized part of the playing field and wait a few seconds that the missiles will only guide themselves along the sides of the screen and will not cause any damage to your boat.








OLD VERSION  18/02/2024


Steamboat_VS_Red_Button.bas.bin Steamboat_VS_Red_Button_PAL.bas.bin


PRE RELEASE  19/02/2024



Steamboat_VS_Red_Button_PR.bas.bin Steamboat_VS_Red_Button_PR_PAL.bas.bin


TURBO MODE 23/02/2024


Steamboat_VS_RB_TM.bas.bin Steamboat_VS_RB_TM_PAL.bas.bin




Steamboat_vs_RB_Preview.bas.bin Steamboat_vs_RB_Preview_PAL.bas.bin

Captura de tela em 2024-03-03 01-01-58.png

Captura de tela em 2024-03-03 01-02-33.png

Captura de tela em 2024-03-03 01-03-20.png

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I haven't decided on an official title yet. Which title do you think best fits the game's proposal?
Steamboat versus Red Button or Steamboat in the World of Math ?


What did you think of the biplane's motorized sound, is it good?

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Almost finished, requiring small adjustments for the release of the final version.

I still haven't solved the problem of the regressive score below zero (999,999) if I just use subtraction.
If anyone can help me with this issue, I would be grateful.


What's new in this version
You can navigate freely from the left or right on the playing field, there are no more barriers.
The steamboat now appears to float on the surface of the water.

One more subtraction added, if you hit the upper playing field with your fire you will lose 1 point.


Observation Note

There are few things that can be added or adjusted, the release of the final version could be soon. Good fun.

Captura de tela em 2024-02-20 01-25-37.png

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Posted (edited)

Preview of the Final Version


This is a preview of the likely final version.
There are still some small adjustments to the behavior of the sprites and the playing field.
I had made a small, simple manual in text about the history of the game and how the game mechanics and how the scoring system works. The manual is already out of date since the last corrections, but it serves to give you an idea of how the game will work. all.
Basically, as I said, it is more of a mathematical game, of addition and subtraction, than a shooting game.
I believe that the difficulty in this latest update is a little above average, making it difficult to obtain very high scores. Download the preview version in the first post.

Captura de tela em 2024-03-03 01-01-58.png



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