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AdvSkelVic65/cc65 Update!

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Sanny: I'm sorry for the buggy updates.  :(  Good news: I fixed the bugs: I had a condition that doesn't change the char definitions on PET targets.  This is needed because PrintTok has to redirect upper-case letters due to their default codes falling into the spans used as tokens.  Also, I was using CBMSimpleIO's prints() function instead of PrintTok to display compressed strings.  I also had to change the characters used to show valid exits with the PET only.  I need to make sure it's working before I can prepare and publish the new version.


BTW, are there any improvements I can apply to AdvSkelVic65?

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If you want people to use your library, it would really help if you had a sample application. Like a simple adventure with five locations where you have a description, can pick things up or drop them, watch your inventory, a door somewhere to open with a key that gives access to another five locations, an NPC you can talk to or give something and get something in return, et cetera. Just basic stuff. Then compile binaries for each platform you support and release a tarball/zipfile with source code which one can rebuild themselves by simple unpacking it somewhere, cd into it, and type make (assuming CC65 is installed).


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While I admit that it's not much, it does have some stuff to try out.  For example, "get key" then "i" will show you that you have the key, and "look" will describe the current room.  You're right, though: I need to create my own text adventure using it.  All I have is that it would take place on a space station.  Right now, I don't even have a plot.  :(

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