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EA 70's Arcade Classics

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EA 70's Arcade Classics will be a collection of three classic 70's arcade games in one cartridge.

The three games in the collection are:

Lunar Rescue

Lunar Rescue a classic early shoot em up game by Taito, ran on Space Invaders hardware.  Navigate through the asteroid field to rescue each of the stranded astronauts, then dodge and shoot your way back through the invaders to return back to your mother ship.


Depth Charge

Your battleship is under attack from squadrons of enemy subs, drop depth charges to take them out before they get you.  Time attack game, with extended time gained if you destroy enough enemy subs.


Stunt Cycle

Very early black and white stunt cycle game, reimagined for 8-bit hardware with a nice splash of colour.


There will be versions for Colecovisions, MSX and the original Spectravideo (318/328).

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First Beta of EA 70's Arcade Classics for the Colecovision.

All three games are merged with a menu selection screen and are working. Just needs a little bit of playtesting, some cover art, a manual etc and it will be ready for release.



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An update on EA 70's Arcade Classics for the Colecovision, feedback from testers has been pretty good and I have also made a few changes:

  • - Adjustments to main title screen, and more detailed title screens for Depth Charge and Stunt Cycle
  • - Lunar Rescue: fix to start bug when tested on GearColeco, added no move/thrust area just after mothership release, re-spawn more UFOs when you kill too many in a round.
  • - Depth Charge: Screen colour change when you reach Time Extension score, time extension applies correctly, sub point values match depth
  • - Stunt Cycle: Redid the sound effects (still no cheer - work in progress), fixed the score display bug, and reduced the landing area.

Will be released on physical cartridge soon, still need to design the packaging, write the instructions etc.



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