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7800 in the UK


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Looking through the locations of most of you guys, North America seems to be the most prominent location. I however, am in the UK, and was just wondering what was going on with the 7800 scene here.


When I was young and the 7800 was my console of choice I used to make a monthly trip to Toys R Us to buy a game, they had everything and more, and now im digging out everything ive got for a much needed play, (unfortunatley Alien Brigade with the gun seems to have taken up most of my time!)and to my suprise not one of my mates even knows what a 7800 is, thinking back, even when in 1989 none of my friends knew what it was, games were difficult to get (40 miles aay for me) and the scene never took off.


So im just wondering whats happening now, and what advantages I may have in the UK with regards to completing the collection (ive found out close to 30 games now, I think there may be more hidden away in the loft though)

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You can get close to completing your collection fairly easily on ebay, and you can get rich by selling copies of Sentinel to the Yanks, since it was only available in the UK.


Also, an advantage of yours my friend is that you have a beatable version of Impossible Mission over there...we just have a paper weight with a label.


Cousin Vinnie

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You can count me as one of those Yanks that doens't yet have a copy of Sentinel.


I don't recall if I ever purchased a 7800 when they were hot (*cough*) here in the US. I think I was too busy having fun with my Atari 8-bit computers to even notice the 7800. Okay, that's not entirely true, I remember drooling over it in various gaming magazines back then, so I probably did run out and buy it as soon as it came out. I don't think there was a rush on them like with the Playstation 2, however.


I think it was pretty easy to get ahold of 7800 consoles and games in the US, at least early on. I don't remember seeing many of the later releases in stores, which certainly has something to do with why they're not very common these days.

That's that whole phase of Atari where they were concentrating their efforts over in Europe, neglecting us poor Yanks.



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I remember Impossible Mission being pretty much impossible anyway. If the UK version was completeable I never knew because I never got that far with it. Ive just purchased 10 games from various auctions, grand total £20 so thats pretty darn good. Its interesting to see the rarity lists that you guys produce in the USA though, as here in the UK all games seem to be available as much as the next. Some things do appear less than others (the gun for example) but thankfully I seem to have already got these about 10 years ago. Is there anything I will have serious trouble getting? I hear the hi-score cart, 32in1 and some diagnostic cart is hard to get.

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