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That looks fascinating.  I finished those old FFL1-3 games back in the day, currently I do have FFL3 because I have zero tolerance for breakable items at this point in my life as that garbage design even then sucked and now it's intolerable.  I see this one shouldn't have that, and even has the choice of a modern JRPG where you can see the targets vs random battles -- I like that.  I put it on wishlist so I don't forget about it.

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Final Fantasy Legend was brutal to play in my memories.. never got into that series as a kid.

This looks like a great project to follow, though I'm a bit confused.. its a Gameboy JRPG released on Steam but no mention for an actual Gameboy release?

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@Ninjabba That's because it was brutal.  Largely it wasn't the combat, it was the limited inventory system with the fact that every fight took 1 tick off the durability counter of every piece of weaponry and armor equipped.  It caused a lot of paranoia and panic because you'd have to grind for a lot of senseless extra cash so you could pad your pockets with replacement gear to deal with long treks/dungeons/bosses which sucks.  That's specifically why I do not have FFL1 or 2 anymore outside of that 'Saga Collection' which I grabbed on my phone... I do have a complete (no box though) copy of FFL3 because that one doesn't have the asinine breakables but retains the fun of the play style otherwise.

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