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Need help badly!! Retro arch on Debian from the Atari of mode USB

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Ok hope someone is willing to explain this step by step. 

im a debian dummy. After realizing I needed to use command prompts instead of downloading like I’m used to in windows….i finally managed to get retroarch installed on the pc mode usb from Atari. I selected my cores I wanted. But….i have the bios files and some Roms downloaded and unzipped in my download folder….BUT I have no idea how to create say a new desktop folder and name it Roms and another names bios just to organize things…like I could in Windows. I have no idea how to direct retro arch to find the bios or rom files in this Debian environment LOL I feel like an idiot. Looked online for 2 days and that’s the only way I even got it installed but now I’m at an impass. Hope someone can help me make and

name some folders and direct me how to find these installed files like I could in windows explorer. And how to I transfer these bios and rom games from the download section of Debian and get them into or scanned by retroarch :(


thank you so much for any help!!!!!

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