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Help Finding Atari 7800 Games


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I need help in locating some of the rarer Atari 7800 games, either Brand New or Complete. I am looking for games like Basketbrawl, Planet Smashers, Impossible Mission, Fatal Run, Mean 18 Golf, and Third Party Titles. Any info would be appreciated or if you have these titles, email me and I will make you a good offer. I know these games don't come cheap and am expecting to pay $40 minimum. I check EBAY every day, so I've got that covered.





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Many of these games are available for pennies in the UK (£2 for most of the ones listed)


Most sellers will ship internationally so check ebay.co.uk or yahoo.co.uk auctions, even though you may have to pay a fair bit of postage you will ultimately save a fortune. Don't spend $40 though, thats waaaaay too much.


If you have any problems email me and I may be able to help you out, I could possibly get some of these titles and ship them out to you.

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