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TI-USER magazine (UK) - (1983 - 1984)

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...(Summary of history to date)

This magazine was published by a UK Retailer: Galaxy, Maidstone
(editor anonymous but probably (never listed) Simon Sorsbie of Lantern Software and was distributed from TI Dealer Galaxy in Maidstone, Kent). 


       TI-USER (UK-Galaxy), ran to at least 6 issues- and is fairly rare although there are at least one or two listed programs in TI Gamebase (I can't check now to be sure of it).

Stephen Shaw also found two very poor (unscannable) photocopies: Issue 5 dated October 1984 and Issue 6 dated November 1984.  Issue 6 has a four-line report on the massive TI get-together in Manchester on November 2nd, a half page on the commercial newsletter TIHCUC, and a plug for the International User Group.   Three lines give the address of an unnamed "regular publication" which is well known today as "TI*MES". Issue 6 also has a review of the Atarisoft module "MOON BUGGY"

After contacting Stephen to ask him to try scanning the pages anyway so that we could try to preserve them he agreed and so we began the exchange of scans :)

The Issue n5 was already being scanned, restored, and cleaned page by page some months ago and Stephen Shaw shared it on Atariage in some of the threads I can't find now.

the final update:

The scan of an additional ultra-rare UK TI User issue, the n6, is now available at:



Issue n6 was very hard to edit because the original one had very bad issues and it needed some work to have a final acceptable result.
Original pages examples:
TI-User_6_05.thumb.jpg.558c2f9244ece8539cd07a09a6dbf0b4.jpg - TI-User_6_03.thumb.jpg.6617308ef4ffa919f078f31b3b39c24c.jpg - TI-User_6_04.thumb.jpg.27d5a80a1f9dd185399f2981e8c4e47b.jpg 

All the pages have been edited, restored, and cleaned the best that I can.
And you can find a completely new  n6 now here ☺️

Additional info: 
all the other old scans have been updated, cleaning the new Stephen Shaw scans of issues 1,2,3 and 4.
You can also download all the software published contained in the magazines.


Hoping you can appreciate all the job, now you can enjoy ISSUE 6 and a lot of software ready to play. 
I would also like to thank Stephen whose patience and helpfulness made it possible to preserve these very rare issues of the magazine.

NB: If anyone has copies of issues after still missing from the page, it would be great if you could let me or Stephen know about it please).



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