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DWH's Atari VCS-2600 collection

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Here is everything in boxes...image.thumb.jpeg.29495cc7672c9a3725aa04a1cea6a326.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.dcb5ac199ca628515e9ef22884f43494.jpeg

                                                                                                                                             ^There are twelve 19 quart boxes with AA CIB games and Loose carts on the right side.




^Here are items that are CIB but do not fit on plastic boxes; except for the Gemini unit and the Kid-Vid unit which are in boxes.

My old stereo cabinet holds all the game systems that are all plugged into a multi-plex that hooks up to the old TV.



^More items in their boxes. The old CRT is in the cabinet.



^And even more items in their boxes, all the Flashback systems, Atari 7800 boxed homebrew games are in the right hand tower of boxes. The left hand tower of boxes are the independently released games that are rare and numbered and/or signed; three boxes are not there so you can see what is behind it all. It took years to get the M Network special Tron pack with a top flap and the internal divider.


^Some independently released CIB games


^Independant release cartridges


Another box of independently released CIB games. Had to sign up onto yet another online marketplace to get Spider Web.



Another box of CIB games from Brazil.



NEO Games cartridges.


NEO Games CIB and cartridges. Yes, there is a plastic rat in there!



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9 hours ago, Keir said:

Impressive collection! I'm definitely jealous of all those CIB Tigervision games (love the artwork on those).

Thanks. I will post more pictures of what is in the boxes as time permits.

I have slowly been getting the Tigervision boxes complete with the cartridge tray and the catalogs, but it is all so expensive now.

My copy of Espial CIB was bought about 20 years ago for 99 cents! The ebay seller was not happy, but I bought a lot more from him, so it all evened out.

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