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mads programmmads program without header. just the bin file

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Hi good afternoon.

I only want the bin data from the program, without headers.

how does that work please:
mads test.a65 .... ? no header.


with header

FF FF 00 00 06 00 A9 2D 18 20 5F FF 60


no header:

A9 2D 18 20 5F FF 60



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technically, you could just use command line tools, like 

$ dd if=main.xex bs=1 skip=10 > main.bin

at least if you are using linux or something alike.


just in case, a .xex can have multiple "parts", and only

removing the header might not cut it.


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@neuling: h- may be insufficient if you need the continuous memory area. Take a look at f+ opt switch and b- if your (cartridge) memory is banked (rmb/nmb/lmb directives and =label as well as :label references are helpful for such model).

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