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Retro Revival 2024


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Anybody going to this event? It's on my door step, has a large Vectrex presence, and Llamasoft. From the FB page:


*** REVIVAL 2024 Feature Announcement - The Vectorcade ***
As well as all the very best dedicated retrogaming exhibits and unmatched atmosphere visitors have come to know and love from REVIVAL events over the years, Game Not Over 2024 will have plenty of fringe attractions and exhibitors to enjoy all weekend!
Next up in our list of dedicated features is the Vectorcade! Chris Parsons of Vector Republic is back once again with a small army of GCE's fine vector tabletop systems, popular with the old school arcade crowd and casuals alike. On them you will get to play the full selection of commercially released titles that were released including the many top-end arcade conversions. That's not all though, as several of Chris's machines are fitted out with modern modifications still being created by a dedicated homebrew community to really pimp out the black box, including custom graphics skins, custom controllers and audio/video mods made to really enhance the experience of the newly released homebrew arcade conversions and original games still being created at a massive rate.
This is just one of many special features, guests and attractions being announced regularly now in the run up to our comeback event this June we know you're gonna love... you DO NOT want to miss REVIVAL: Game Not Over 2024!


I've been to a few of these, first one that's been held in a while and it's got a good line up. I'm hoping to pick up some Vectrex games


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Well, I reckon that was the best Revival yet personally!


Great to set up the Vectrexes and loads of new/rare/fun stuff for everyone to play on as well as my Asteroids cocktail running a Masteroids PCB.


Caught up with lots of old friends as well as chatting to new folks.  Got completely cleaned out of copies of Vyrzon too!

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