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Trying to track down an unknown composer

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Shortly after posting the above, I found this information in a video by Saberman:

Music: Reyn Ouwehand & J. Bjerregaard (theme of Flimbo's Quest, adaptation for Atari: Michał „Miker” Szpilowski)

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Yes, probably because it is good! Funny thing is that I have played Flimbo's Quest many times on my C64, but didn't recognise the tune.


While we're on this topic, what is the accepted practice for using an existing tune? Is giving credit to the composer enough, or one has to track the composer down and ask for permission?

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Posted (edited)

Only Ranger3 stuff I could quickly grab. The song you referenced though almost sounds like you take my self control. Buck Rogers TV show like music. Ranger 3 was a spaceship in the tv series and consider NASA had a Ranger 3 robotic trip to the moon as well (sort of didn't go as planned). This should get you started on finding some answers.

  Nothing this group did sounds like the one on demozoo or sap... so it's likely inspired by ranger 3 missions and possibly Buck Rogers

Debut album of Ranger3 is titled 'Old Simplicity' out 01 December 2008

Ranger3, The Anglo Irish duo formed in 2005 in Camberwell, London. Named after the highly successful technology laden US Rocket whose mission was to land robotics on the moon, which actually missed the moon by 36,000 km and spiraled off into space, losing contact with the earth.

The English half is a composer, arranger and producer who specializes in combining acoustic and electronic instruments and sounds. The Irish element consists of an individual with a fondness for electronica, krautrock and folk songs about romance and death.





something odd for you to watch



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