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How to save to disk image on applewin

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Assuming you booted with some kind of DOS disk (either a dos 3.3 boot disk or ProDOS boot disk with basic.system on it), and didn't just use ctrl-reset to drop to a ] prompt, it's simple. If you want to save to the disk that is already mounted in drive 1, just type "save <filename>". If you want to save to a floppy image mounted in drive 2, "save <file name>,d2". If you just did a ctrl-reset, you're stuck, as there is no disk operating system loaded. The filename length will be limited by which DOS used. DOS 3.3 I believe is 30, and ProDOS is 15. 


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This isn't an AppleWin thing. This is how Apples actually work. You have to boot a disk that has some kind of disk operating system if you want to be able to save anything to disk. There are no disk routines built into the Apple boot roms. But, yes. If you use a generic boot disk, it should have access to basic. 

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Start with this disk image.  The DOS 3.3 System Master.  Insert this disk image into "drive 1" in AppeWin and boot the machine.

Without booting into some sort of DOS you will not have any access to disk I/O.  Because it's the system master, it will load Integer Basic into upper memory's you can fiddle around with it, too if you want to horse around.

The command "INT" puts you into Integer BASIC with its ">" prompt.  You can return to AppleSoft BASIC by using the command "FP" which will return you to the "]" prompt but also clears memory.

https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/masters/Apple DOS 3.3 January 1983.dsk


You'll need a blank disk image, too (although the system master might have a bit of free space on it).



You can install that blank image in Drive 2 and when you want to save your program use the command "SAVE PROGRAMNAME,D2" and it will save to disk 2.



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