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Fix for Blink Red Light of Death on 60GB Launch Model?

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I've had a broken 60GB launch PS3 (one one with the actual PS2 built in) that has a blinking red light of death for years now.  I know the original fix was supposedly to reflow the GPU due to the crappy lead free solder they used, but I've been reading that people now think the actual cause is the GPU itself.  I guess they made them without enough silcon and that causes it to start failing.  Reflowing the solder is only a temporary fix and it will fail again (most people say within 2 months).  The ultimate fix is to take good GPU from a newer model and 'frankenstein' it into the original (it's a different size from what understand but completely compatible).


Anyone know more about this?  My PS3 only has a red light of death not yellow so I guess that's slightly better (might only need the thermal paste replaced).  Does anyone know of a reputable place in the US that does this kind of work?  If so what does it cost?

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