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Save the Date! NECG Swap Meet is happening! (11-2pm June 22nd at the Norfolk Public Library in Norfolk, MA)

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We're thrilled to let everyone know this is happening again.  Last one was great and we'll have more time to plan and for folks to get the word out!  


Feel free to share if you'd like to demonstrate something.  Bring in something unique to show off.  Feel free to PM me or @timdu about wanting to bring something so we can come up with a kind of presentation timeline for the event.  


We will have a projector options that can work with composite or HDMI if you have something you want to plug up.




To recap, this is a place to trade / sell / donate / buy all things classic gaming.  Additionally, who doesn't love classic computers and technology.  Old computers / Media players / electronics are all welcome as well.  

We would love to see this be a meaningful hub for all of us who love our classic technology and are looking meet and hang out with others who share a love for the same stuff!  Looking forward to seeing you all there. 




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I will be demonstrating my COLECOVISION console, which is a CV-NUC+    


I bought this from Marlin Bates at The Brewing Academy...




and I will be featuring one of Caleb's @8bitwidgets.com custom creations... an MCP for the colecovision!





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I missed the last meetup.. Had a date day with the wife here: https://treehousebrew.com/visiting-deerfield Great place if it's your thing.


Was hoping to connect for the next. Not gonna happen, our New Hampshire vacation starts that Saturday morning, so I'll be heading north. 


Anyways I hope to join eventually. 


BTW: @timdu 


Can you make something like this but a handheld controller?









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On 4/29/2024 at 4:46 PM, timdu said:

I will be demonstrating my COLECOVISION console, which is a CV-NUC+   

Oh. Bummer I'll miss out on this demo too., Looks very cool. And has SGM support too! WOW! How about a mini review post on AA after the June meeting. I'd like to hear more about it.

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