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Composite to HDMI


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I wasn't able to find anything related to using a modded GBS8200 with a composite modded 7800, so I figured I'd provide a description of my experience. 


Originally I was using one of those AV2HDMI converters but I was really dissatisfied with the processing of 280p as 480i.  Purchasing something like a RetroTink is just too expensive.  After Canadian customs, shipping and exchange rates the 2X Pro is more that $200 CAD.  So after a bit of shopping around I found an 'OSSC Add-on board' on Amazon that transcodes composite to component with the option of line-doubling to 480p for about $35CAD with next-day shipping.  This solution alone worked great for my Television which as component in.  However, I want to use the 7800 with my desktop monitor, so I picked up a GBS8200 for about $30 CAD and modded it following the GBS-Control guide.  I did not bother with the external clock.  This gives a nice solution to output resolutions that work with my monitor: 720x480 or 1920x1080.  My monitor is 1440p, so I'm using 720x480 with the scaler on the GBS-C tuned to give an integer scaled 6x image.  I gotta, say for composite the picture looks very nice and I enjoying the composite blending with games like Rikki&Vikki.  The whole package costs me less than $70CAD, which is significantly less than the cheapest RetroTink and is giving me a better picture than the 2x Pro. 


I've only run into 2 games that gives me trouble: Asteroids for the 2600 and the cut scenes for PacMan 8K.  Asteroids will very briefly lose sync semi-periodically which is annoying and it's only the title and cut-scene from 8K that are lost, so I think I can live with the results. 


That's my experience so far, and maybe someone else will find this useful.

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8 hours ago, harmonyFM said:

Can you link the Amazon listing(s) for the materials you used? This could be a fun project to follow your lead on.

https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078ZDTLBJ GBS-8200
https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0BSDQWVDB OSSC Addon. 

The prices on both have gone up since my purchases, especially the OSSC Addon, but I'm sure with a bit of searching another low-cost supplier can be found. 

I followed the GBS-Control Guide: ( https://ramapcsx2.github.io/gbs-control/ ). 

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