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Checking in on the Jaguar FPGA core


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8 hours ago, Gemintronic said:

Yeah.  Was excited because I could leave the Jag in my livingroom and just use a MiSTer in the office.  But, the need for a second RAM module and edgy posts by the core dev left a lot to be desired.

yeah I heard they werent exactly a charmer 

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Posted (edited)

Is this the core that originally came from the Atari Tom/Jerry netlist files converted to Synthesisable HDL by Torlus aka Gregory Estrade? I know Electron Ash tinkered with this a bit. In theory being converted directly from the original designs from Atari it should be very compatible but I seem to remember the latency of MiSTer RAM is a big issue.


GITHUB seems to show no work on this for the last 2-years and even then it was only bringing it to MiSTer Framework.

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