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RetCon: The Retro Gaming Festival - London, UK - 15/6/24


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Based in Greenford, west London, RetCon is an annual festival of retro gaming put on by the Greenford Computer Club since 2018. There are guests delivering talks, and a hall stacked with actual retro hardware playing a huge variety of games. Several of the Club members are huge Atari enthusiasts, with a range of systems including the 2600, 800XL, 7800, ST/STE and Jaguar/JagCD (the latter being my pride and joy, and I'll probably have the Jag GameDrive running on the day).


Recently announced on the Facebook page is the news that SAM Coupé stalwart, Rob Evans (aka wubsoft) will be giving his latest project - Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh - its public debut at RetCon this year. It's a tribute to the Atari ST conversion, coded by Peter Johnson and published by Imagine Software in 1998, and will support the SAM Mouse interface to ensure quick reflexes can win the day.


RetCon 2024 guests:

  • Just confirmed: Roland Perry - tech consultant, founder of Ambit International, and the man responsible for steering the Amstrad CPC to success
  • The Oliver Twins - creators of Dizzy and many more original games from the 8-Bit era, and founders of RichCast, an interactive story platform, making their third appearance
  • Andrew Joseph - founder of the Dizzy fansite Yolkfolk.com
  • David Pleasance - former MD of Commodore UK, author of the From Vultures to Vampires books about the Amiga, a RetCon regular
  • Trevor Dickinson - founder of A-EON Technology, established to help fund hardware and software development for the benefit of the whole Amiga community
  • Colin Porch - former Ocean Software coder, responsible for the C64, Atari ST and Amiga ports of Head Over Heels, now developing a sequel
  • Jason Whitely - a classically-trained musician who worked at EA, creating music for Desert Strike and Road Rash, amongst other games
  • Steven Fletcher - producer of The Commodore Story, Amiga: Alive and Kicking, creator of Cosmic Force on the C64, and now a version developed in Unreal Engine 5
  • Stephen Jones - creator of the Checkmate series of Amiga cases and the new Checkmate Displays gaming monitors
  • Mike Nurney - of the YouTube channel Mike's Vintage Tech, promoting his book, 8-Bit Stories, and his A-Pet computers
  • Rob Smith - the Amiga developer behind the RobSmithDev YouTube channel and creator of the Disk Backup Station, which will be available for use at the show
  • Mean Machine Dean - of Console Revive Store on Etsy



It's at the Greenford Community Centre, 170 Oldfield Lane South, Greenford UB6 9JS, running from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 15th June.


More info is available on the event's Facebook page:


And tickets can be bought in advance via Eventbrite:



(Tickets available on the day as well!)

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