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Whack 'Em Smack 'Em Byrons!

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Now that my ColecoVision game is almost complete (like, it's really, really close to that point), I thought I'd share it on the homebrew section of this forum. It's free (digitally), so feel free to download it from this Itch.IO page below:




By all means, give it a spin, kick the tires, smack some Byrons. The game's really easy to play... just point your direction where you see a naughty bear, and give him a smack with the fire button. If you have any thoughts about the gameplay, please share them so I can polish this game to a shine.


I'm also working on an SG-1000 version, which is easy since CV Basic supports both systems. Who owns an SG-1000, anyway? Old Japanese gamers, mostly, but also anyone who owns a Dina 2-in-1. Who owns a Dina 2-in-1? Some lucky SOBs with the foresight to buy it before they started selling them for four figures. Geez, it's just a rebranded ColecoVision sold by Telegames! You'd think it was the Klotman diamond or something.

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