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Atarimax status?

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Steven will send your product, but you'll probably never get a response. 


I have been ordering from him for years and I always get my goods (I even ordered something a few months back and received it just fine) but he just never responds to emails now. He used to with a few week delay, but now, nope, never. 


He's a good guy and probably has life things going on, but it would be nice if he would respond to my email requesting a software update for the APE software I had purchased many years ago. I would check in with him around once a year or so for it and he would provide the update, but I emailed him around 7 months ago and I think again around 6 months ago and the line is dead.


And, I know at least one other person who can't obtain warranty service because he is not replying to him either...

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